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    (Caesarea NEWS MAGAZINE number 235 dated

    A Good Year for the Estate Agents in caesarea

    In the last two months, (July/August 2009), there were 14 property
    deals that were signed and completed. The majority of them
    were cottages (du-mishpati'im) and the demand is still very high
    where Caesarea is still known as the most sought after place to
    live and the demand is still high and the prices are also expected
    to go up. Has 'prosperity' returned to Caesarea? According to
    Israel Aichel, the owner of the leading real estate company called
    CAESAREA HOMES, the answer is definitely yes. ISRAEL
    AICHEL has reported big numbers of cottages that were sold in
    clusters 7,8,10 and 11

    where the prices ranged from 2.8 million shekels to 3.3 million
    shekels. He also reported that two villas were sold in the newly
    built cluster 13, where the prices range from 4.9 million shekels
    and upwards. An additional villas was sold in cluster 5, for 2
    million dollars. This year, (during this period), usually from the
    past experience, there were between 3-4 real estate deals, so
    even though the demand is up, which is extremely unusual, says
    Mr Aichel, who specializes in real estate in Caesarea.

    The du mishpati'im (cottages), where many of the purchasers
    are those returning Israelis from the United States of America
    and Europe, it seems that the revival in the real estate market in
    Caesarea is pointing to the end of the difficult economical
    situation, yet on the other side it seems that this trend is because
    of Israelis who are electing to return to their country due to the
    financial difficulties abroad, says Mr Aichel.

    In past years this period of time the demand was for much more
    expensive properties,but either way, there is still a high demand
    for cottages for sale in Caesarea and our office will be glad to
    accommodate new cottages for sale , so please do not hesitate
    to offer your home to us.

    You can't ignore, says Mr Aichel, the fact that there is a high
    demand for properties that people still believe and are confident
    to buy in Caesarea, perhaps because of its beauty, its services,
    its uniqueness and the way that the community has developed
    and all these people believe that their investment will yield the
    great rewards to live there and the knowledge that their properties
    keep appreciating, just like in past years.


    (Caesarea News magazine number 235 dated

    Let me introduce myself. My name is Israel Aichel and the name
    of my company is Caesarea-homes. I have had the privilege of
    specializing in the real estate world in Caesarea for over 12
    years. I hope, therefore, that the experience that I have gained will
    shed some light as to the different clusters in Caesarea. So
    please accompany me on a short journey in order to understand
    this unique location in Israel and to understand the different
    clusters and different price ranges.

    The moment you drive into Caesarea from the south end, you
    cannot fail to notice the raw beauty of this place. The sprawling
    dunes and stretches of green belt dominate this whole area and
    the magnificent properties that have sprung up all over this place
    is quite incredible. This stunning part of Israel has always
    attracted many visitors because of its guarded treasures of the
    old city, the amphitheatre and its magnificent beaches. However,
    Caesarea has also succeeded in keeping up with our modern
    times and has transformed a once old fashioned port to a thriving
    entertainment area full of trendy restaurants and cafes, yet always
    remembering the beauty of its past.

    THIS unique place CAESAREA is ful of stunning green areas,
    charming nature reserves and never-ending dunes, all of which
    are beautifully tended to by the Caesarea Development Company
    which does its best to continually renew, refresh and improve this
    unique place. Many people ask me which is the best location in
    Caesarea. I always reply that you have to take into consideration
    your budget and if you wish to wake each morning to see the
    tranquil views of the golf course or the stunning views of the sea.
    But, without doubt, wherever you choose to live, Caesarea is
    indeed a special place and its quality of life is truly incredible.
    From years of experience I have seen families both from U.S.A
    Israel and Europe who have opted to try out the 'Caesarea
    experience'. Once they have set foot in this unique place with
    such high quality of life, they rarely leave.

    I can help you to realize your dream. Therefore, if you want to
    know more, it would give me pleasure to show you this special
    part of our country. My office holds the largest selection of
    stunning real estate Homes , Apartements , and Villas for sale,
    properties for
    sale and rent and land for sale. I appreciate you taking a few
    minutes of your time to browse through my article and I hope it
    has shed a new light on this place or addressed a few burning
    questions. I look forward to hearing from you.

    Article written September 2009

    Israel Aichel
    Real Estate Consultant
    "Caesarea Homes"
    Part of "The Caesarea Property Group"
    Address : 18 Almog street, P.O. Box 6, Cluster 6, Caesarea 30889
    , Israel.
    Office phone : +972-4-6101007
    Office fax : +972-4-6100477
    Mobile phone : +972-52-3480886
    E-mail :
    Website :



    It is obvious that the owner, Israel Aichel of "Caesarea Homes",
    really loves
    what he does and has been able to bring is a wealth of
    professional experience to his thriving business
    Israel Aichel, the founder of Caesarea Homes, has a wide
    experience in the global real estate
    business after working in real estate in London for 30 years. This
    has helped him to build up a very impressive portfolio of clients
    and also having spent so much time abroad it has helped him to
    understand the Anglo-Saxon way
    of doing business in the real estate market. Because there is a
    large English and French speaking population in Caesarea, this
    understanding of the Europeon culture
    has definitely been a real asset to the business and his
    customers appreciate his knowledge of both the foreign and
    Israeli market..

    From 1997, Israel has certainly earned his name of being the
    leading real estate agency in the area that solely specializes in
    Caesarea and villas for sale in the surrounding areas. People
    know him for his genuine concern for his clients and his honesty.
    His work ethics and discretion have
    earned him his first prize for joint best salesman in his previous
    position at the largest worldwide real estate company for three
    years in a row..

    Together with his contacts and good reputation this has
    contributed to his customers returning year after year, he has now
    branched out,
    dealing with many exciting new projects happening in Israel
    today, including for commercial ventures, such as: villas for sale

    office buildings and shopping centers. Real estate in .
    Israel simply wants the best
    for his clients and, without a doubt, customers know that Israel
    will do whatever it takes to make a fair and honest deal and
    deliver. His past record is proof of his hard work and

    Israel's office has the largest selection of; villas for sale, houses
    for sale, apartments for rent .homes for sale and
    ,villas for sale in caesarea,
    cottages and lands / plots for sale and real estate for sale in the
    area of
    Caesarea and its surroundings.,
    Israel Aichel, has a huge experience and years of specializing in
    real estate and possesses a license no. 04885 from The
    Department of Justice to work in the field. From 1997, he has
    been working solely and specializing in selling houses, villas,
    apartments and real estate in general in the exclusive
    neighborhood of Caesarea and the surrounding

    Our Estate agents office CAESAREA HOMES specializes in the
    following areas :

    * Villas for sale in Caesarea, Holiday Villas in Caesarea .
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    * Holiday Rentals in Neot Golf Caesarea,
    * Villas for Rent First Line to the Beach in Caesarea
    * Golf View Villas For Sale, Villas in Caesarea Israel.
    * Villas with Golf View for sale in Caesarea.

    Upon contacting Our Realtors office, you will benefit from many
    years of
    experience, complete discretion and loyalty.
    Our company is situated in Cluster 6 on
    Almog street no. 18 in Caesarea.

    *** The management of Caesarea Homes does its upmost to
    make sure that the information that we supply our customers is
    accuarate. All the information that is given to us is provided by
    those that own the property or those that are authorized to handle
    the sale or rental of the property. We recommend to our
    customers to inspect the prospective property before purchasing
    or renting it and to carry out all the necessary legal, title, and
    planning inspections. Also to check that the information given by
    us is correct. We do not recommend buying or renting of a
    property. If there is any inaccurate information please let us
    know. We apologize for any wrong infomation.
    All information is subject to change without notice. *****

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