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  • Holiday & Short term rental
  • villa in caesarea
  • villa in caesarea
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  • villa for sale in caesarea
  • villa for sale in caesarea
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    Caesarea News: 13 January 2012 (Gilion 294)

    BUOYANT ??

    The demand for REAL ESTATE FOR SALE IN CAESAREA will
    only grow in years to
    come and the amount of plots(LAND) for sale will only decrease
    over the
    years, Israel Aichel, expert in Caesarea real estate and the
    owner of renowned and leading real estate company called
    CAESAREA HOMES, as every year, has given his expert opinion
    the state of the real estate in Caesarea during the past year and
    his expectations for the coming year.

    The real estate market in Caesarea in the beginning of year 2012
    is a little quieter than last year. The demand for real estate for
    sale in Caesarea has gone down but with that there is an
    increased interest in villas for sale in cluster 13 where there are
    quite a few homes for sale. Naturally, because cluster 13 is the
    newest and the largest cluster in Caesarea, there is a slight
    decrease in the asking prices of properties for sale, says the
    expert of real estate for sale in Caesarea, Israel Aichel.

    The year 2012 is pointing towards the continuation of the same
    status quo. In certain circumstances the buyers are willing to pay
    the asking price because of the location of the property that is for
    sale and the quality of the finish of the villas for sale there, like
    the location, quality of the flooring, the high tech electrical
    installation, under-the-floor heating, quality of the kitchen, etc.

    Since Caesarea is such a small, unique place and there is no
    second to it in Israel, the request for villas for sale or land for
    sale in caesarea in Caesarea will only grow over the years and
    the number of plots for sale in Caesarea will only decrease,
    therefore the prices in the future are expected to rise. Despite
    the small decrease in the asking prices, which is due to the
    economic situation of today, says Aichel, the investment in real
    estate in Caesarea, over a period of years is generally worth it
    because houses, or plots of land that were sold four or five years
    ago have, in some cases, doubled themselves and even more.
    Even at todays prices, Caesarea is a lot cheaper than places like
    Hertzlia Pituach or Kfar Shmaryahu, (and who can compare the
    quality of life?).

    Among the deals that were done by Mr Aichel, the owner of
    CAESAREA HOMES , and were reported, was a villa that was sold
    by him for 12 million shekels. This is a villa that is built on 1000
    square meters of land, built area 500 square meters and was
    nominated to be one of the ten most beautiful houses in Israel.
    Another villa that was sold is a single villa in cluster 6 on one
    dunam of land, with a partial view to the sea which was sold for 7
    million shekels. Among other deals that were done in Caesarea
    in the past year he can point to a house in Rehov HaShemesh
    Street in cluster 13 that was sold for 7.4 million shekels.

    We are talking about an excellent price because of the location of
    the house and the quality of its finish says Mr Aichel and another
    villa on 600 square meters of land, 300 square meters built, in a
    very good location, built to a very high standard, was sold for 6
    million shekels. A villa on 700 square meters of land, 350
    square meters built, with a swimming pool, was sold recently for
    6.1 million shekels. Mr Aichel also reports that a brand new villa
    on 2.3 dunam of land, built 700 square meters, first line to the
    beach, with the most magnificent view and swimming pool was
    sold for 21 million shekels. MR AICHEL OF CAESAREA HOMES ,
    leading real estate company in Caesarea, has also reported the
    sale of 2 villas which are adjacent to each other and also situated
    next to one of the largest villas that is currently being built by the
    Russian billionaire Valerie Cogan. The two villas were sold for a
    grand total of 28.500 million shekels which is a very fair price for
    villas which are located first line to the beach.

    Currently there are quite a few properties for sale in Caesarea
    but the properties that are priced fairly are selling, says Aichel.
    When he was asked what are the secrets of buying a house Mr
    Aichel, who has specialized in real estate in Caesarea since 1997
    , pointed out that he himself does not sell properties in Berlin,
    New York or even in Tel Aviv, he only specializes in real estate for
    sale in Caesarea. I know almost all the villas AND REAL
    ESTATE FOR SALE in Caesarea. It is
    clear that a lot of realtors from the surrounding areas wish to
    open an office in Caesarea, however this could, and often does
    hurt the property market because they have no experience nor
    past experience of the quality of the houses nor their history and
    in a lot of cases they give incomplete information or even
    misleading information about these homes for sale. He adds
    that every cluster has its unique quality that represents it and of
    course for every house there is a buyer, therefore a potential
    buyer must only appoint an estate agent in caesarea that has the
    and tenure and one who knows the history of the houses that are
    for sale and wants to keep the good

    name of Caesarea and to maintain the prices there. For a
    potential buyer he recommends to study the real estate in
    caesarea area and to select the cluster that he wishes to live in
    and to build his expectations according to his budget and to his
    requirements. The most important thing is to appoint a reputable
    and trustworthy agent (realtor) that knows all or most of the
    properties for
    sale and their history


    Another Mega Deal in Caesarea!

    A few days ago the Tabloids revealed the sale of one of the
    most stunning villas in Caesarea. In fact, perhaps the whole of
    Israel. This sought after property was purchased at a price near
    $7000.000. This stunning home was actually picked to home the
    contestants of the famous t.v. program, called the Batchelor, due
    to its elegance and charm. This home, which is located in
    cluster 2, has a breathtaking view of the sea and the aquaduct
    and is found in an extremely sought after location; very few
    properties have such a breathtaking view.

    The home sits on 2.45 dunams and the property has been built to
    an extremely high standard with no expense spared. It is 750 sq
    meter built and has 6 huge bedrooms as well as a kitchen which
    is every woman's dream, looking out to the beautiful gardens and
    orchards and the unique swimming pool and Jacuzzi, where one
    gets the impression of being in line with the sea. As well as this
    there is a cinema, a gym and a garage which can hold 6
    vehicles. The master bedroom has views to die for and
    overlooks the famous aquaduct and the stunning beaches and
    dunes of Caesarea. Added to these luxuries is a lift which
    connects to all the floors of the house. Cluster 2 is a unique
    cluster and has been home to the late President Weitzman. In
    fact many well known and very influential people in Israel have
    chosen the live in this cluster as it full of stunning views and
    remains a very secluded cluster.

    The very fact that this home was bought for such an attractive
    price shows to us that purchasing a home in Caesarea remains
    a very solid investment and that clients buying here have trust in
    buying homes here. As I said in my previous report, 20 homes
    were purchased in the months of July/August/September. This
    shows us that investing in Caesarea is a sure thing. Only 10
    years ago to purchase a dunam of land first line to the beach
    would cost you $900.000 aprox
    . Today this selling price for a dunam first line to the beach has
    rocketed to 3.5 million
    dollars! Now how's that for an investment?

    I am the proud owner of 'Caesarea Homes', probably one of the
    leading real estate offices in Caesarea. I have one of the largest
    selections of villas for sale, land for sale and villas for rent. Due
    to the fact that I have only specialized in this very unique area, my
    experience and contacts, as well as my stock of homes for sale,
    can only help you to acquire a great deal. My worth ethic and my
    belief in complete integrity for my clients has helped me to build
    up my name, additionally having worked in England for 10 years
    dealing with European clients has helped me to understand the
    European way, which is vital when negotiating in Israel.

    Thank you for reading my article and I would be more than happy
    to hear from you regarding any questions you have regarding any
    properties. Let me help you to find your dream home, with the
    minimum of stress. I can promise you that once you move here
    you will never look back. Article written January/February 2010.

    ========== =========
    REAL ESTATE in Caesareas makes
    headlines. " SEA GOLF"


    A mega property deal was announced last week regarding a
    purchase of 27 dunams of land which was purchased by Mr
    Yaron Adiv, a citizen of Caesarea from the company which is
    owned by Nochi Dankner of the E.D.B. group. The land, which is
    situated between the Dan Caesarea Hotel and the Golf Course,
    will be used to build 283 appartments as holiday
    accommodation. The value of the deal is estimated at around 50
    million Israeli shekels. Mr Yaron Adiv, who was originally from
    Hadera, is the entrepreneur and owner of various companies of
    which one of them produces wet towels and has a turnover of
    approximately 25 million shekels a year, most of which is being
    exported to companies like the famous 'Boots Chemists' in

    When I spoke to Mr Adiv, according to him, his intention is to build
    luxurious 5 star apartments for holiday makers and golf lovers.
    Some of these apartments will have the advantage of having
    stunning sea and golf views. The complex will also have
    approximately 1,000 square meter commercial area, the use of
    this will be determined in the near future. The newly golf course
    of Caesarea is surrounded by some of the most beautiful villas
    and homes for sale in Caesarea. Again, this tremendous deal
    proves that many investers believe in the property market in
    Caesarea and see its huge potential for gains in the future as it
    has proven in the past.
    my office - caesarea-homes, which specializes in properties for
    sale in Caesarea will have more information as to the sizes of the
    appartments for sale and the cost of these flats. I am always
    available for any further inquiries.

    This article was written by Israel Aichel on November 28, 2009.


    The impressive element when driving through Caesarea is its
    exquisiteness, its natural beauty, its stunning location and
    its wide range of superb properties, which Caesarea homes is
    proud to contain in its superb portfolio of villas to sell in
    Caesarea. Some of the most sought after villas in Caesarea are
    found in this beautiful location. One can only admire the
    incredible vision of Baron de Rothschild, who bought land in
    Caesarea so many years ago so that he could fulfill his dream of
    making this area a small paradise. Taking in the sheer beauty of
    this area, it is easy to understand why kings and emperors fought
    so fiercely for this piece of land and refused to give it up!!

    There is a magical charm in this area and the old fishing port
    which is full of antiquities and ruins is a constant source of
    wonder to all those who visit here. In the last few years extensive
    work has been carried out in order for it to keep up with the
    growing trend of trendy restaurants that have been sprouting up
    all over Israel and now includes fine eateries, trendy cafés as
    well as a state of the art museum, which celebrates the evolution
    of this area.

    The small intimate private beach in the port is arguably the most
    beautiful in Israel and right next to it is the famous diving
    centre, which is constantly working on projects, digging up
    historical treasures which delight the sunbathers! Most nights the
    beach is alive with both youngsters and those of a more mature
    age, soaking up the magical atmosphere and enjoying some of
    the amazing events taking place, such as jazz nights, film nights
    and cultural evenings. The area is also a great
    setting for all the music festivals and cultural events that are held
    here throughout the year, which are real family treats and cater to
    everyone.the whole You'll be pleased to discover that
    of this area borders on stunning golden beaches; When it comes
    to beaches you are spoilt for choice.
    For those that enjoy water sports such as sailing and windsurfing
    you can take advantage of the well known sport's club in the
    kibbutz 'Sdot Yam', which is a favourite with all the youngsters
    wishing to show off their amazing talents.!
    But, the real bonus
    about this place is that it is rarely overcrowded like other areas in
    Israel and therefore remains truly a gem and a well kept
    secret which the local residents treasure..

    There appears to be a quiet
    tranquility in this area of Israel but, don't be deceived,,
    Caesarea is a vibrant and growing community. A new school has
    recently been built to cope with the growing number of families
    moving to this area, wishing their families to enjoy the
    uniqueness of this place and have found their dream villa in
    Caesarea. There are also many kindergartens and numerous
    parks as well as a community center, which includes a wide
    range of social and cultural activities for all ages. The center
    boasts an Olympic size pool, brand new state of the art gym and
    a choice of every conceivable kind of aerobic class which also
    caters to all ages. The growing desire for pampering has also
    produced a newly built spa hidden peacefully in one of the
    clusters which was formally a villa in Caesarea. This is a typical
    example of the high standard of living enjoyed in this exclusive
    area.. Golf lovers can also show off on the 18 hole golf course,
    set in the most stunning scenic views. In fact the golf course has
    just recently been rebuilt and around the golf course now boasts
    some of the most desirable villas in Caesarea which Israel
    Aichel of Caesarea homes is proud to be representing.

    The Golf club now includes a gourmet restaurant with stunning
    views of the area. Additionally, the local synagogue is an
    extremely welcoming place to spend the Shabbat and holidays.
    This too has been rebuilt to cope with the large demand of
    worshippers both religious and secular and Caesarea has also
    had to build an additional synagogue to house all the newcomers
    to this beautiful place..
    The Rabbi and his family are incredibly charming and hospitable
    and the warm atmosphere

    that they have managed to create has given the synagogue a
    wonderful name and is now known for its warm atmosphere and
    very tolerant congregation. The rabbi and his family are very well
    known in the community and are extremely active, constantly
    contributing and thinking up new ideas to help and nurture this
    area as well as the surrounding areas.

    The high quality of living in Caesarea has attracted a high
    class of people who enjoy the perks of living in such a
    prestigious gated community. The( real estate) villas in
    Caesarea are built to
    the highest standard with great attention to aesthetics. Due to
    this attention to quality, the area has attracted a very discerning
    buyer from both home and abroad. Added to this, is its prime
    location, being midway between Tel Aviv and Haifa the country's
    two main economic centers, as well as being next door to one of
    the most modern industrial parks in the Israel. Caesrea homes
    has managed to find many of the local employees affordable
    (real estate for sale )
    villas in Caesarea or temporary accommodation in short term
    rentals which often turn to long term living as so many get
    hooked on this easy going life style which is easily addictive!
    Even this area is full of trendy bars and boasts a wide selection of
    great restaurants enjoyed by the

    The wide range of prices has made(real estate) villas in
    Caesarea extremely
    affordable for all kinds of pockets! Caesarea homes is known by
    the locals and from those abroad, as the most professional and
    trustworthy in the area. Caesarea homes offers some of the
    largest selections of (real estate)residential and holiday homes
    for both
    religious and secular buyers. From a charming studio apartment
    in Neot Golf to luxury villas in Caesarea, the choice is vast and
    can suit all different pockets. For those seeking a holiday
    apartment prices start from $200.000 and these apartments
    include great facilities such as swimming pools, gym
    and community center. Cottages
    are available starting at $450.000 and prices for two-
    family houses(du meshmacti-semi-detached) range from
    $750.000 to $1000000. Luxury(real estate) villas in
    Caesarea are set on plots of one or more dunams and
    command prices starting at $1.5 million to $10 million. Most of
    these(properies) villas in Caesarea have magnificent sea views
    are built to the highest standard. In fact the architecture in
    Caesarea is renowned throughout Israel. Additionally, most of
    these properties (real estate)are approximately 15 minutes walk
    to the ocean.

    This unique place Caesarea is ful of stunning green areas,
    charming nature reserves and never-ending dunes, all of which
    are beautifully tended to by the Caesarea Development Company
    which does its best to continually renew, refresh and improve this
    unique place. Many people ask me which is the best location in
    Caesarea. I always reply that you have to take into consideration
    your budget and if you wish to wake each morning to see the
    tranquil views of the golf course or the stunning views of the sea.
    But, without doubt, wherever you choose to live, Caesarea is
    indeed a special place and its quality of life is truly incredible.
    From years of experience I have seen families both from U.S.A
    Israel and Europe who have opted to try out the 'Caesarea
    experience'. Once they have set foot in this unique place with
    such high quality of life, they rarely leave.

    I can help you to realize your dream. Therefore, if you want to
    know more, it would give me pleasure to show you this special
    part of our country. My office holds the largest selection of
    stunning real estate villas for sale, properties for sale and rent
    and land for sale. I appreciate you taking a few minutes of your
    time to browse through my article and I hope it has shed a new
    light on this place or addressed a few burning questions. I look
    forward to hearing from you.

    Israel Aichel
    Real Estate Consultant
    "Caesarea Homes"
    Part of "The Caesarea Property Group"
    Address : 18 Almog street, P.O. Box 6, Cluster 6, Caesarea 30889
    , Israel.
    Office phone : +972-4-6101007
    Office fax : +972-4-6100477
    Mobile phone : +972-52-3480886
    E-mail :
    Website :

    ****The management of Caesarea Homes does its upmost to
    make sure that the information that we supply our customers is
    accuarate. All the information that is given to us is provided by
    those that own the property or those that are authorized to handle
    the sale or rental of the property. We recommend to our
    customers to inspect the prospective property before purchasing
    or renting it and to carry out all the necessary legal, title, and
    planning inspections. Also to check that the information given by
    us is correct. We do not recommend buying or renting of a
    property. If there is any inaccurate information please let us
    know. We apologize for any wrong infomation.
    All information is subject to change without notice.